I’m Rakesh, one of the luckiest few whose day job is their hobby. I specialize in designing apps, websites and brand identities. Occasionally I also code websites. I’ve been freelancing since 2011 and the products I designed are being used by millions of people throughout the world.

I consider myself a generalist who specializes in interface design. I do a bit of everything that goes into a digital product, from defining product goals and features to copy-writing to front-end development.

I strive to create long-term work relationship with my clients. In all humbleness, many clients once worked with me usually come back to me for their future design needs and I’m really proud of it. I like working with individuals, small businesses and startups because of the freedom and flexibility I get and also perhaps because I don’t have to sit hours together on over-crowded meetings that go nowhere :)

Previously I was a project engineer in a manufacturing firm. Since my childhood creating beautiful things and solving puzzles were my primary hobbies. So, naturally I drifted towards design, which is a perfect combination of both of my hobbies.

I love reading and have acquired all my design know-how from books and articles. As a way of giving back, I write about design when I really have something to say. I created Appzgear to sell design stuff that makes app creators’ lives easier.

What I believe
  • Be honest.
  • Treat everybody the way you like to be treated.
  • Work only on things you can put your heart and soul.
  • Money is secondary to work satisfaction and the problems you solve.
  • How something works is as important as how it looks.
  • Death to bullshit.

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