ikonic: 180 real iOS icons


ikonic is a set of 150 180 pixel-perfect icons designed specifically for iOS. The icons are highly consistent, compliant with Apple’s iOS HIG and look sharp on Retina displays.

Update: now updated to include @3x icons for iPhone 6 Plus.

Why I created ikonic

In my experience of designing over 25 iOS apps, I found two basic issues with the icons sets available in the market:

  1. The icons within an icon set are inconsistent with each other – they’re a muddle of sharp, rounded, minimal, detailed, thick and thin varieties. Even some of Apple’s icons are no different. Consistency is the hallmark of professional design and the lack of it would badmouth your design.
  2. The icons don’t come in Apple recommended size of 40 x 40 px approx. It is puzzling to see even icon sets specifically meant for iOS don’t include this size. Of course, you can resize the 64 x 64 px or 32 x 32 px but that wouldn’t look clean.

I created ikonic to address these two issues in particular.

Why you should use ikonic

  • High level of consistency in icon style and size makes your designs more professional.
  • Apple recommended 60 x 60 px and 40 x 40 px size means no resizing is required. So the icons stay pixel perfect on Retina displays.
  • Minimalistic style makes the icons and thus your designs clean and impactful.
  • Apple’s iOS HIG compliant PNG means less work for developers; you can use them straight out of the box (yes, it’s in white).
  • Unmerged shapes of most of the icons allow you to easily modify them if required.


Consistent and Minimalistic:


Apple’s iOS HIG compliant:


Easily modifiable:



  • 180 icons
  • PNG: 60 x 60 px, 40 x 40 px and 20 x 20 px approx. | @2x naming | grey & white color (as per Apple’s iOS HIG)
  • PSD: 60 x 60 px and 40 x 40 px approx. | 100% shape layers

Enlarged view


Icons in use

What users say

I am happy I bought ikonic icons. The quantity and quality of the icons are fantastic, especially for just $9.

Ben Boral

Freelance iOS Programmer, boralapps.com

Really great. Quality and pixel perfection is unbelievable for so small a price.

Axel Bouaziz

Interaction & UI Designer, axelbouaziz.com

Sweet! Great handcrafted work, with pixel perfect details.

Txuma Campos

Interaction Designer, quoco.com


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